Our process is smooth and stress free

We ensure the building of your dream home is smooth and stress-free.  We work with you from briefing through to design, planning and finally construction.

Step 1 - The briefing

This is the stage where you get to discuss what you'd like in a new home and what your budget is. So we're keen to hear from you about details like your lifestyle and future plans (i.e. if you're planning on having a family).

Step 2 - Design

Next we start to work up some home designs based on your initial input and a site inspection. This also helps us draw up a cost estimate, which is presented along with a concept design, which you then approve once you're happy.

Step 3 - Plans

Now we're getting into some serious detail! Your contract package is prepared, which includes working drawings of plans and details around the build, in terms around changes to specification and guarantee documentation.

Step 4 - Sign-off

Take a close look through your package. Once you're happy with the contract documents, we'll need you to sign these prior to submitting to council for building consent, and if required, resource consent.

Step 5 - Finishes

Just because your plans are in council doesn't mean nothing happens! This is the stage where you get to choose the materials, colours and finishes for the inside and outside of your new home.

Step 6 - Construction

Once Council approves everything, we start building! An established timeline and regular catch-ups with your dedicated Project Manager keeps you well informed throughout the build stage.

Step 7 - Inspection

Upon completion of the build our Project Manager will review your new home and conduct a walk-through with you, so we can undertake a complete quality control check. A Council inspection is also undertaken.

Welcome home!

This is our favourite part of the build process...we get to welcome you into your new home! All that hard work and planning has paid off, and you and your family can enjoy all the benefits that come with building an Orange Homes home.

Are you wondering how to build your dream home?

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What makes our process different?

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We make listening a priority

At Orange Homes, we recognise building your home is a huge commitment for you and your family, that's why we take the utmost pride in paying close attention to your needs and questions at every stage of the building process.

From briefing through to moving in, you will find yourself at the centre of the build process every step of the way.

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We take a 'no surprises' approach

Our entire build process has been crafted around one simple idea; no surprises for our clients, unless they are good ones!

Whether your first or third home build, we understand going through the building process can be a big undertaking. We also know nobody benefits from bringing surprises, that could have been avoided, into the mix. That's why we've ingrained transparency and communication into every part of our building process, so you know what's happening every step of the way.