Fixed price, up-front

We provide fixed price contracts for our house builds, which means everything is agreed up-front and nothing is left unclear in regards to budget and house specifications.

Smart pricing process

We offer an extensive range of options, sorted into price range categories that make it easy for you to choose your cladding, windows, roof, fittings and coverings.

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Sorting out the cost of your house build doesn't need to be a headache.

Let's talk

Our pricing system is transparent and easy to follow at every stage of the process. We want to ensure there are no surprises, corners cut or unnecessary delays so we’re always happy to take the time to talk you through choices and costs.

Why customers love our pricing approach

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Structured flexibility of choice

The advantage of our price range categories is that you get to make the choices you want without fear that you are blowing out costs. They provide the guidance necessary to confidently personalise your home within the budget you have set.

Our customers rave about our approach to house pricing, and you will too.

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No surprises down the track

With us, a fixed price contract means you get total peace of mind knowing your new home will be built within your budget and to your specifications.

Throughout the process of finalising your house build cost, our team step you through the complete list of house specifications for complete transparency.