What customisations can I make?

At Orange Homes, we work with you to customise your house plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. If you don't like where the kitchen is, you can move it. Need a home office? We'll add one in. Bigger garage? No problem.

  • Change materials

    Change/upgrade the materials used in your house build.

  • Add/change rooms

    Add, remove or relocate rooms to suit your needs.

  • Update the floor plan size

    Enlarge or reduce the total square meterage of a house plan.

  • Windows, doors & walls

    Add, remove or relocate windows, doors and non-load bearing walls.

Common customisation questions

Customised house plan pricing

Is customising expensive?

There’s a common misperception that customising your build will blow out the costs. This isn’t true; many changes, those that don’t impact the size of the home, can often be accommodated within your budget.

If you're worried about cost, talk to us as early as possible and we'll help you navigate the customisation process.

Customise your build

Can I customise from a house plan?

Orange Homes plans aren't fixed. They can simply be used for inspiration to get you started, offering flexibility in terms of budget and layout.

Our team is very experienced in helping people decide what they want and need from a house plan and will guide you through picking the right plan and your customisation options.

Customising your dream home