When we say “design options” we’re not talking about house layout or look, rather your options as far as the scope of design freedom goes. You’ll find there’s an option to suit your budget and level of inspiration.

Fixed plans

Perfect for the budget conscious such as first home buyers, fixed plans are cost effective and offer price certainty because the materials and layout are pre-determined. Look out for plans that are eligible under the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Scheme.

Customised plans

This is when you take an existing plan and change it to your liking. This is a good option if you have some ideas of what you’d like but aren’t sure where to start.


Download your copy for free Home Building Guide and find out all about things like the average cost of building and whether in fact to build or buy!


Fully bespoke build

This is when you collaborate with an architect and interior designers to get a unique home that is exactly what you want.

Other things to consider


What style and colour palette do you want your new home to have?

Outdoor area

Be sure to take this into consideration at the initial planning and design stage.

Energy efficiency

Investing in this area of your build will pay for itself over time and also improve your comfort and quality of life.

Finance options

You could approach a bank directly, go through a mortgage broker, or ask your home building company if they have their own finance option.

Contract type

  • Full contracts cover everything, making it easy on you.
  • Labour only contracts mean the builder is responsible for building work only.
  • Managed labour contracts are a combo of the above. 
Customising your dream home