The pros and cons of house & land packages

For the most part, building new means getting exactly the home you want, built to the most modern building codes. But there are several ways to go about this and often we find people, especially those building for the very first time, can be torn between choosing a house plan to customise or opting for a simplified house and land package.

So let’s run through the benefits house and land packages have to offer, as well as the things you need to consider.

Pros of house and land packages

It’s incredibly simple

Pick a section and a house plan that fits it, customise a few options to suit your lifestyle and that’s about all you need to do. A home building company will often have a dedicated project manager who takes care of the entire process, from concept to

Finding finance becomes easier

As part of the deal, the land is also included. This makes securing finance a whole lot easier than trying to buy a section and fund a new build independently as the bank like a firm figure upfront so they know what their investment is going to cost.

On time, on budget

House and land packages usually come at a fixed price because the house plan has been designed to be as efficient as possible. This also means, the construction timeframes tend to be shorter than bespoke builds and the budgets don’t alter unless you choose to change something.

Cons of house and land packages

Limited locations

House and land packages generally come as part of a subdivision. This means you’re limited to what the developer/building company is offering. Building companies often purchase some of the best sections, so the house and land packages tend to sell very quickly. To avoid the disappointment of missing out, if there is a subdivision you’d like to build on, then it’s best to register your interest as soon as possible. You can even include your own wishlist, so the Sales Consultant can customise a house and land package to suit you.

Fewer customised features

House and land packages generally come with a limited choice of pre-approved floor plans and styles based on your budget and the size of the section. This may mean you’ll save a bunch by not having to pay an architect, but it does mean you have
fewer opportunities to personalise the house. If you want customisation, then just let us know and we can adjust the fixed price to include your changes.

The benefit of choosing a house and land package with Orange Homes

We have a wide range of house and land packages available, some of which are eligible for KiwiSaver grants. The floor plans on offer have been carefully selected to work with the sections they’re paired with.

We are an established and reputable home builder with over 35 years’ experience delivering quality built homes throughout Canterbury.

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