To build or not to build. The advantages of building in winter

Regardless of when you choose to begin building your home, it’s important to realise that construction generally takes between 4-6 months to complete. So, if you’re dreaming of having the keys in time for summer, there are a number of advantages when you start in winter.

Less builds are started

According to Stats NZ, last year 3262 building consents were issued for residential dwellings in November (going into summer), while only 2800 were issued in May (heading towards winter). With less builds getting underway, there is less strain on tradesmen and there can be more flexibility when it comes to organising and co-ordinating the various groups of them that will be working on your site. The same goes for getting consent from the Council, because with fewer homes to process your applications for consent and inspections can be seen sooner.

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But won’t it be cold and wet?

While summer is certainly the most popular time to start construction, it’s also important to note that these statistics are from across New Zealand where extreme weather can be more of a problem. In Canterbury, we’re lucky to have a relatively dry climate. Our winters have fewer rainy days than other major cities, meaning we suffer less wet-day delays.

We do have fewer daylight hours, and as a result moisture from frost getting into the soil can be a concern when pouring foundations. That being said, tradesmen are trained professionals, and with proper planning any concerns are mitigated by ensuring excavation and the laying of foundations happens close together.

You get the keys in summer

A lot of people don’t realise the amount of planning that goes in before building actually starts. By making the decision to build in winter, you have ample time to make important planning decisions during the pre-build phase so that construction can begin on time.

After discussing your lifestyle and budget, making drawings and inspecting your site (if you have one), we’ll guide you through suitable plans or create a bespoke design for you. Once a concept and working plans are approved, we’ll get them submitted to council for consent. At this stage you can get creative, making decisions on wall colours, finishes and materials based on your taste and budget. Once consent is confirmed we start construction. It takes around 4-6 months before you can move in, and so by starting the build in July we can work towards a housewarming around the BBQ in summer.

If you’re still thinking about building and the idea of getting the keys in time for summer sounds exciting, feel free to get in touch  to go over your options. By working together from the start, each home we build is suited to your family’s needs and come with a Master Builder’s Guarantee and 10-year structural warranty.


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