After deciding you want to build, the decisions you make when planning the layout of your home are probably some of the most important decisions in the entire process. Things like the orientation of the house, the size of living spaces and the number of rooms are difficult (and costly) to change once you’ve been handed the keys. So, when it comes to reading house plans, here’s a few things worth looking at before everything’s signed off, so you can be confident your lifestyle will translate to your new home.


Factor the outdoors and your environment

Think about the direction your bedrooms and living room faces, because positioning your home to maximise sun exposure is key to creating a warm living environment. If you already have a section, house plans that are drawn to its specifications will show you which direction north is; letting you understand which direction the sun will travel over your home and where you can expect it at its peak.

If you don’t have a section, that’s fine, but make sure that you have a conversation with your builder or architect to find out how you can position your home so that the sun shines into your living room and bedrooms during the day – not your garage or bathroom.


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Consider the safety of kids and plan for the future

While there are plenty of modern design features that look stunning, they aren’t always suitable for kids. Having your kitchen facing the opposite direction to your living areas may work for some house plans, but it doesn’t factor in when only one parent is at home and their child is playing and needs to be supervised.

Even if you don’t have children, or plan to, considering child safety is important for resale should you ever put your home on the market. This makes open plan living and kitchen spaces a great choice, and they’re easy to identify on house plans because you won’t see any walls between where the architect has positioned the stove and the lounge.


Make sure everything will fit

Imagine poring over house plans, making countless decisions on materials and finishes, just to get the keys and find out that the couch doesn’t fit in your new living room. Building a house is a big investment, and chances are that you want to bring your furniture with you. By measuring everything against your house plans you can be sure that there are no surprises come moving day. House plans come drawn to scale, so with a tape measure and a little multiplication on your phone you can accurately predict what will and won’t fit. 

However, should you find this easier said than done…


Don’t assume you’re crazy for not understanding house plans

If you’re unfamiliar with how house plans are drawn, laid out and measured, don’t worry because you aren’t the first person and you won’t be the last. In the same way that chemists read formulas and musicians read sheet music, builders and architects are trained to read plans and they understand how everything comes together.

At Orange Homes, our team of professionals can help you understand house plans, and even customise them to suit your needs and lifestyle. We offer a range of plans that can be made to yours and your family’s specifications and we take care of the process, start to finish. We can even help you find a section. Find out more by contacting us today.

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